Dr Darag Rennie MBChB, NZ

Energy , youthing, better sleep, stronger immune system

The most important thing I learnt from my time in medicine was that we all absolutely needed to take care of ourselves.

I explored many ways over the last 30 years and the simplest and most profound way I have found is to drink Body Balance daily. In my mid 40’s, I had a real sense of feeling my ‘age’, within the first few days of taking the aloe and sea vegetable juice I noticed a better level of energy and focus along with a more settled, relaxed feeling in my body.

My “age” lifted nicely off my shoulders. In the first months I found I wasn't as hungry as I used to be. My food consumption reduced by at least 25% and has stayed there for the last 9 years.

My understanding is that I was mineral deficient. Your body can't tell you what mineral it needs but it can keep you on edge - looking for something.

Anything – just give me some FOOD!!! It’s nice not to feel that way anymore. The next improvement was sleeping better. I had always been a very wakeful sleeper and it’s just great not to dread being awake for hours in the middle of the night and being exhausted the next day.

Very importantly the family and I generally don't suffer from regular colds like we used to. When I meet someone who had a cold or flu it doesn’t worry me because I have confidence that it’s most likely going to pass me by and if it doesn’t my body will deal with it very quickly with a minimum of fuss.

That confidence is a wonderful feeling to have.