Romilly Brickell, Hastings, New Zealand

Chronic fatigue son – Asperger's syndrome.

My health, energy levels, ability to cope emotionally, and the menopause process plus high stress levels where taking me down the path of Chronic Fatigue.

I had problems with Vit B12, needing injections periodically.

I began using a whole food liquid consisting of 9 different sea vegetables in a base of certified organic Aloe vera juice in 2002.

My life began to change amazingly. No more B12 injections, no more desperately drained feelings and naps in the afternoon, no more emotional fatigue, no more waking in the morning feeling exhausted.

Many more changes have taken place over the years, the greatest being, by sharing this liquid with others, and embracing what is offered in developing residual income I now pay tax and no longer am supported financially by the tax payer.

I have become a confident, secure, growing, healthy, independent woman, focused on what I can do to empower others who are looking for changing their lives for the better.

I have also helped my family. Chrildren A very caring friend gave me a bottle of this liquid as a gift. I gave it to my 23 yr old son who had Asperger's Syndrome and no large bowel. He lacked energy, was very, very underweight, and had trouble keeping focused.

Within 2 weeks, the difference was astounding. His energy picked up, he began to take an interest in the world outside, his whole demeanor lightened up. His support workers all noticed the changes.

These changes have created a whole new life for me and all my family.