Without Absorbing Ultra Trace Minerals, We Merely Exist

Did you know that in the past 100years, forests have been reduced from 40% to 27% of the earth’s cover, resulting in natural soil demineralization?

In the past century as noted at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil

  • Australia’s mineral content in farming soils has decreased by 55%
  • Canada and USA mineral content in farming soils has decreased by 85%
  • New Zealands’s mineral content in farming soils has decreased by 55%

Just over a century ago, our soils supplied us with vital trace minerals; now our soils are impoverished; our foods have been corrupted.

Despite cleaner living standards, chronic disease has increased by 600% in some diseases, regardless of a person’s finances, culture or race.

Ultra trace minerals are essential for optimal wellbeing. Our body has hundreds of biochemical pathways delivering nutrients to the cells & removing waste from the cells.

Absence of ultra trace minerals is like broken links in a chain. Numerous biochemical pathways are blocked. The result? Destruction of global health & wellness.

Ultra trace minerals assist in regenerating the body and preventing modern day chronic disease.

Acidity in our tissues blocks absorption of minerals. Acidity in our tissues blocks entry of vital food (nutrients) to our trillions of cells. The body can suffer prolonged damage which may go undetected for years.

Common story: “I know I am not quite 100%, but the blood tests are ‘normal’!”

Stress compounds the whole situation, producing acid forming chemicals. Chemicals from the environment, water, food additives and prescription or over-the-counter drugs create extra stuff! Extra stuff blocks absorption of minerals as well as increasing acidity.

How do ocean botanicals & aloe help prevent mineral deficiency & acidity? These foods have an alkalising effect on the body. Ocean botanicals have the innate ability to absorb an abundance of minerals (that have found their way from the land into the sea) in an ionic & organic form.

When ocean botanicals are combined with aloe Mother Nature has provided us with over 100 nutrients, including all the ultra trace minerals, working in harmony, linking all the biochemical pathways to regenerate the cells & remove extra stuff. The end result – health, energy & vitality!

Do you want to improve your level of Wellbeing? Be Proactive. Regenerate your body & that of your children. Simply drink ocean botanicals with aloe in a delicious form every single day.

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